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This sections presents aesthetic propositions exploring the planetary (its boundless landscapes, eco-social entanglement and contemporary challenges) as a vast form of public space.
Ranging from public art and interactivity to participation and socially engaged art, my practice-based explores notions of ‘publicness’ in contemporary culture through: (1) enactment, new forms of proximity and distributed belonging that enable new kinds public assembly, agency and engagement; (2) developing a new approach to public art, working with air, the sea and energy as a material embodiment of an evolving public sphere; and (3) the use of artistic practice as an impetus for social action.

Technical Description: By projecting images from inside the buildings, the body of passersby will be used as a surface for video projections. Using live projection mapping, infrared cameras and a custom-made app that tracks faces and motion, the faces of two strangers (the volunteer and the audience member)  are combined in real-time, creating a third image that is reflected back to the viewer (or passerby) through the two way mirrored windows of the building Up to three video projectors, computers and IR cameras inside a storefront or the lobby of a building are aimed at the streets during night time, covering a projection area of 20 ft long. A computer running a computer-vision app and Infrared cameras analyze the body motions and facial features of the audience outside and uses the data to overlap projected images directly onto their faces and torso. Audiences can activate the interaction by adjusting their body and position in the space, as well as creating collective gestures, performing or interacting with the image of the person recorded in video. The projected images are only visible when they overlap on top of the bodies in the space and then get reflected in the windows.

Mirrored City


Today, the fa├žades of most corporate and public buildings mirror the city via reflective windows, in order to conceal and protect the inside of work spaces from the gaze…