From the Series The Wrong Place

Performance / Video
2012 Collaboration with Jody Wood
2013 – 2014 Felipe Castelblanco

In 2012 I attempted to build the smallest boat that could hold only one person’s weight. As a result, I devised a way to navigate through large bodies of water using a precarious hand-made raft. This became a performance and then a video piece, which started in lake Wesserunsett in Main (North East of the USA) and then has traveled to places like the Pacific Coast of Colombia, Panama, Mexico, UK, Norway, Sweeden, Australia, the Philippines, and other cities in the USA.

Dirftless explores notions of nationhood as a form of contemporary confinement, while embracing on the ocean as a public site for artistic interventions.  This fictional journey creates a visual narrative, which also borrows from recent (human) migratory paths by touring the viewer through the planet in a way that references make-shit strategies for border crossing.

Photographic Series: