Felipe Castelblanco is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of socially engaged and Media art. His work explores new frontiers of public space that enable coexistent encounters between unlikely audiences. Felipe is a PhD Candidate at the Basel Art Academy HGK -FHNW (Switzerland), holds an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University (U.S) and a BA from Javeriana University (Colombia). He has exhibited at museums and galleries in Europe, the U.S and South America. He is the recipient of several awards including the Starr Fellowship at the Royal Academy Schools in London (UK) and has served as a Cultural Emissary for the U.S State Department to the Philippines (2015). 

Most recently Felipe Castelblanco has collaborated with participants from 10 countries to turn the world upside-down (Norte Es Sur, 2011 – 2016); sailed around the world in the smallest makeshift boat (Driftless, 2012-2017); initiated a Media Collective with refugees living in Cologne (Borderless TV, 2016); and assembled a team of Latino day labourers to paint houses—on canvas—in the streets of Philadelphia (We Paint Houses, 2013).  

His work has been shown internationally, including the Royal Academy of Arts in London (UK), the Queens Museum in New York (U.S), the San Diego Museum of Art in California; Columbus Museum of Art (USA), FAD festival in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), FIVAC festival in Camagüey (Cuba), Practice Gallery in Philadelphia (U.S), the Valenzuela Klenner Gallery in Bogotá (Colombia) and numerous international new media and film festivals. He has been awarded several grants and distinctions internationally, including the John Fergus Family Post MFA at The Ohio State in University in Columbus, OH (where he founded MOTE 078 Gallery in 2013); the International Artist Fellowship Award from Kala Institute in Berkeley, (USA); the 2014-2015 Starr Fellowship at the Royal Academy Schools in London (UK); and in 2015 he served as a U.S cultural emissary to the Philippines with the U.S State Department, the U.S embassy in Manila and  Zero1 (inaugural American Arts Incubator program in 2015). His work has been included in important public collections, such as the Royal Academy of Arts, London (UK) and the city of Cologne’s art collection (Germany). 

Among his collaborative endeavours is The Para-Stite School, an alternative free educational platform for artists-migrants, operating (independently and anonymously) at the heart of official universities in the U.S and Europe. THE DRIFT,  a floating platform for creative projects that explored the rivers and waterfronts within the city of Pittsburgh through performances, lectures, and buoyant interventions. Felipe was also the co-founder of VISIVA Foundation, a non-profit organization that between 2009-2012 promoted Art + Design and Cultural development in Colombia and Latin America. Also, he is a former member of  The Venice Biennial of Bogotá, a biennial urban art event produced in a marginalized area of  Bogotá called Venice neighborhood, which invites local and international artists to produce site-specific projects in the area.

Felipe has worked for the Education Department the at Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh as an Artist / Educator (2010 – 2013). In addition, he has taught pre-college, undergraduate and graduate level courses at Carnegie Mellon University (2013 USA), Ohio State University (2014 USA) and Drury University (2016 USA). His public lectures, workshops and artist talks include venues like Tate Britain (2015, London); The Venice Biennale (as part of Creative Time Summit 2015, Italy); the South London Gallery (2015, London); IAM Weeken (2018, Barcelona) Taiga Collective (2016 St. Petersburg ) and the CAA Annual Conference (2017, New York City) among others.