Children’s Room at the Art Museum

Children’s Room: Arte EnTresSentidos (Art Between Senses / in Three Senses).
Permanent  Installation at the main art museum in Colombia “Museo del Banco de la República de Colombia”

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Over one year, I did a study of the art collection of the museum and appropriated a series of works, translating their meanings, concepts and relationships to various art movements into an engaging pedagogical language, accessible to children visiting the museum. This project, titled “Arte EnTreSentidos” (“Art Between the Senses”/ “In Three Senses”), uses interactive objects and multimedia pieces that present the conceptual content of the project, being one of the first interactive rooms with free access to the public in Colombia.

As a complement to the project, I developed a program of guided visits and workshops that serve children between six and 12 years old, residents of severely marginalized and peripheral areas of the city, who are provided with free transportation to visit the museum.