Borderless TV (Refugee Storytelling And Media Collective)


Image: Reenactment of migration stories. This image is part of a public performance where Syrian refugees direct actors and Cologne residents as part of the shooting of an experimental video. Germany, 2016

Refugees are usually in front of the camera, and rarely ever behind it. Interviewed by eager documentarians or put on the spot in talk shows as human-interest informants, they must speak from a certain position or remain silent and invisible. However, Media remains a powerful tool influence public opinion, give agency to humanitarian causes and give a platform to underrepresented communities.

As part of my interest in relational filmmaking and participatory documentary, I initiated Borderless TV along with and Syrian refugees living in Cologne (Germany). The group’s goal is to produce audiovisual content in the form of experimental video, documentary and short films presenting the refugee’s views and voices about the current migrant crisis. This Project was developed during an artist residency at CAT Cologne and was presented as an extension of my ongoing work with The ParaSite School

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Enough Is Enough HD Video 4:30 Mins. 2016

Living In the Limbo HD Video 1:37 Mins. 2016