The Wrong PLace

This series explores notions of nationhood as a form of contemporary confinement. Through performance, videos, and installation, the pieces encompassed in The Wrong Place seek to set in motion our relationship with citizenship, trans-nationality, and ideals of belonging.

Urban Arts Stapce

Free (Get A Life):
T-Shirt, rope, motor, video and sound. 2012 – 2014

This shirt displays the words “Get a Life” in the brand label and price tags. A motor elevates the t-shirt 4 mts. above the ground and then rolls it down again repeatedly. A light and a fan activate once the t-shirt touches the ground. A continuous sound made out of the word “Free” from the US national anthem, sang by pop culture celebrities during the yearly Super Bowl (American Football’s yearly tournament) plays loudly in the space.


The sound was extracted from footage of sport events where the US anthem is interpreted by female pop singers. The voices include: Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Mariah carey and Beyonce among others.

White Noise:

Turn Table, Neon and Vinyl.