Mote Gallery

Mote Gallery was nomadic art platform for experimentation and public engagement initiated in Columbus, OH – USA in 2013. It started as the largest, tiny gallery in the USA, operating from within abandoned storefronts and window displays across cities. Since 2014, the gallery appeared in cities like New York, London, Stockholm and Mexico D.F occupying or emerging temporarily  through various established art circuits. 

The mission of Mote Gallery was to showcases experimental contemporary art from all corners of the world, while instigating conversations about the role that artists play in shaping the gallery context and art markets. The gallery refused to operate within a monetary economy and instead, function through labor exchange, time-banks, resourcefulness and solidarity. 

Between 2016 and 2017, Mote Gallery participated at international art fairs, including Frieze London and Super Market Stockholm. Taking advantage of its on its low-cost operation, the gallery provided up to 80% of the earnings to exhibiting artists. All transitions, bids, fees and operation costs were made public throughout the exhibitions. 

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