I explore the materiality of meta-spaces formed by contemporary natural and cultural phenomena; from air’s pollutants to vast traffic networks and migration; from the uprooting of cultural identities and trans-nationality to experimental geographies that undermine the contradictory movement of capital, ideologies, bodies and resources throughout the planet.

By understanding public space as fundamentally fluid—as a dimension that also contains the near and far, the invisible and the Other—I am invested in rethinking the function, form, and agency of public art and site-specific practices. I create participatory works that enable coexistent (if sometimes contentious) encounters between unlikely audiences and across vast distances. These interventions enable lived experiences of ‘publicness’ (or a new form of commons) in a post-global world. At the same time, they activate a kind of social space where participation becomes a form of co-production of meaning, context, community, temporality or sometimes dissent.

London, 2017