The Invisible Wall

The Invisible Wall, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.
Tough Art Residency, Summer 2011

What if you could see, hear and feel beyond the walls of a museum?

The Invisible Wall is an art installation that exists in two museums, in two different countries, at the same time. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and Maloka children’s museum in Bogotá Colombia, are the home of this art project. It seeks to open a window of imagination across physical boundaries in the real world, creating connections between visitors in these two places. This art project stretches across 2,534 miles, as visitors engage in a playful exchange that collapses the distance between them.

The keyhole contains a  camera and screen that facilitate the exchange, using real-time video streaming. This project was developed during an artist residency with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Summer 2011.

Installation view, Maloka Museum, Bogotá