Water Territories at Helmhaus, Zürich

A project by Felipe Castelblanco with Lydia Zimmermann and Ñambi Rimai Media Collective

Conceived as a participatory research process in the Southwest of Colombia, the films gathered here meander through a vertical landscape shaped by territorial conflicts and resistance in the Colombian Pan-Amazon region. The exhibition includes documentary films and a multichannel video installation and produced in collaboration with Ñambi Rimai, an Indigenous Media Collective established in 2019 by members of the Awá, Inga, Kamnesta, Quillasinga, and Siona nations with support from Inga chief Taita Hernando Chindoy, Felipe Castelblanco and Camilo Pachon (Ambulante Colombia).

Research and Coordination:  Felipe Castelblanco

Support from: Pro Helvetia COINCIDENCIA, Fachausschuss Film und Medienkunst Basel, Colombian Ministry of Culture, Foundation, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Bogotá and SUdKulturFonds