Intsallation at BkSq Pittsburgh & Future Tenant Gallery


“Anthem” is an ongoing project that explores nationalism and geopolitics as a form of symbolic and contested territory. In this installation five reactive turntables that rotate according to the viewer’s motion through the installation produce a sonic landscape, shaped by overlapping layers of music and sounds originated by the continuos reproduction of national anthems found in vinyl records.

By playing official and unofficial versions of national anthems, this project defines a contentious space for the performance of nationalism and location-based identities: embodying the fragility, paradoxes and contradictions of the current geopolitical landscape.

The collection of records includes the national anthems from Iran, Israel, Egypt, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, the U.S anthem by Jimmy Hendix (from 1969), the former Soviet Union and even the galaxies.

Thanks to Galaxie Electronics in Pittsburgh P.A for all their generous support.

Thanks to Thiago Hersan and Golan Levin for their advice and support.

Bonus! (Technical info)