A Documentary film co-directed with Lydia Zimmermann. (34 min). 2020

“Ayenan” is a Kamëstá word, which means ‘the smallest particle in the universe, the one that jumps starts existence’. This film documents a journey across the Southwest of Colombia, following the cycle of Water as it climbs from the rivers to the skies. The journey reveals the traces of a long-forgotten colonial expedition in search of El Dorado and indigenous efforts to restore territorial principles. Going from the lower Amazon in Putumayo, to lake La Cocha in the upper Andes, Indigenous land-protectors and members of Ñambi Rimai (the first Pan-Amazon Media Collective) come to a sacred landscape in the Paramos (Tundra-like ecosystems) in order to plant water back into the mountain and return a long-lost treasure. Together they recreate an offering, a ritual, which embodies situated forms of biocultural peace-building efforts between regions, cultures and non/human worlds.