Ephemeral Museum

The Ephemeral Museum of Venice, Bogotá.

The museum was build on the roof of the Venice’s community cernter by VISIVA Foundation, Arq. César Rámirez / Arq. Christian Nieiman / Arq. Carlos Hernandez and students from Javeriana University.


The Project:

In 2009, as co-director of VISIVA, I worked on a collaborative project to build the Ephemeral Museum of Venice. The museum was constructed on the roof of an unfinished community center, using disposable materials donated by factories in the area. The collection of the museum is a series of reproductions of representative paintings from the history of art, produced by volunteer artists and art students, and its goal is to give the community access to cultural knowledge that is common for other social circles and also to generate the basis to better understand works of contemporary art.

Comunity center and Museum



Context (The Biennial of Venice of Bogotá)

In a marginalized area of Bogota, there is a neighborhood called Venice. Since 2003, I’ve been part of a small collective that produces and curates a biennial urban art event modeled after the official one in Venice, Italy. It invites local and international artists to produce site-specific projects in the neighborhood, engaging the community and contextual problematics. This project has been the pioneer in Latin America in the field of relational aesthetics, and has motivated similar projects around the continent.

More Info About The Biennial of Venice of Bogotá: